Welcome to Moa Bamboo Products

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of bamboo doors and flooring.

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Welcome to Moa Bamboo Products

Moa Bamboo supplies a wide range of solid bamboo boards, veneer, bamboo flooring & cladding, in both laminated bamboo and strandwoven bamboo.

LAMINATED BAMBOO: Individual bamboo strips are accurately machined and then laminated (glued) together into boards & panels. The individual strips making up the panels are visible in regular, geometric patterns in the finished board.

STRANDWOVEN BAMBOO: Bamboo strips are partially crushed, coated with special glues and then compressed under great pressure, forming bamboo boards of greater density and hardness than laminated bamboo. The strandwoven bamboo boards also have a less regular grain pattern.

Both laminated Bamboo and Strandwoven Bamboo are available in two basic colours, Natural (blonde) or Caramel (mid brown).

The strandwoven bamboo is darker in colour than the laminated bamboo, due to the glues used. Both types can be stained a darker colour.

Our bamboo flooring, boards and panels are available in six basic variations (shown below).

You can learn more about Moa Bamboo products by browsing through the product gallery of our website or by contacting our customer service team: Call our offices on 011 794-1526, or speak to Neil on 072 384 4590 or Jose on 082 772 8437.

Types of bamboo: